Why the world needs subs 2

An interview on the lovely OJB Online Journalism Blog threw up this little beauty in an interview with Gary Knight, editor of Rethink-Dispatches.com:

“I think MySpace and YouTube are not the media, nor are bloggers. They are the 21st century equivalent of Hyde Park Corner and youth clubs…”

Er, am I missing something? Hyde Park Corner is traffic intersection and the home of a big fat arch. I’m thinking he means Speakers’ Corner, which is a bit further north up Park Lane. If he didn’t and I missed the point, the point needs explanation. If not, another notch for the subs team.

2 responses to “Why the world needs subs 2

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  2. Thanks. Have updated the post with a link to your correction. Glad I found your blog as a result – subbing is definitely undervalued. PS: check out Richard Burton’s recent blog posts on why we need subs.

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