Why the world needs subs 1

Recently there was an online debate about why reporters don’t write their own headlines. Various reasons were put forward (read some of ’em here), with one reporter saying:

So they’ll spend money an extra staff member instead?

What can I say? How about a headline suggestion: Missing word proves point

I’m not blaming the writer – for who but a sub subs themselves on the internet, and to be honest, it’s my day job so I can’t be bothered either? But does any reporter get rankled when people assume they can do their job just because they speak English and read newspapers? That said, I can report – because I trained and worked as one, AND THEN became a sub. So, nerr!


One response to “Why the world needs subs 1

  1. Not only do newspapers need subs, but journalists need someone fixing their copy to teach them how to write better.

    I guess subs could still sub copy while the reporters write the headlines, but then the headlines would only get changed by the subs . . .