Embarrassing checks 2

Checking a feature on the hot new exercise regime du jour for Women’s Health in Australia (as was):

‘Hi, we’re doing a feature on pilots, can I check a few of the details through with you?’

Such as how to pronounce Pi-la-tes, presumably… Oh come on, we’ve all done it!

One response to “Embarrassing checks 2

  1. That reminds me when I had to give a radio interview about an article I’d written on the then new-fangled thing called Feng Shui, something I really knew very little about. When I heard the interview back I realised that every single time I’d mentioned Feng Shui I ‘d pronounced it a different way…Foong Shooey…Feng Shway…Feng Shoo…Fung Shoo…luckily the radio interviewer had as well!

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