Re-styling print copy into web conversation

Want a quick tip on how to tone up your copy for the Web? Dave Taylor at Copyblogger provides…

[I] read what I write out loud rather than just subvocalize it as I write. Not only is this a great way to learn which sentences are too long or need commas … but it also helps you “hear” which of your sentences are awkward and stilted rather than flowing and relaxed.

Basically, write the way that you speak. While Dave’s suggesting this helps him create a distinctive tone of voice, his tip also works as a generic trick for copy editors having to re-style print copy for Web.


5 responses to “Re-styling print copy into web conversation

  1. It’s definitely a good tip, and something us (ex) broadcast journalists do all the time. It helps you avoid unnecessary words or a weird turn of phrase.

    It’s still something I do for (most) of my writing today. Not that you’d know it, from the amount of daftness that ends up on my blog…

  2. What daftness?

    PS Toxic does indeed rock – but will the real Britney Spears please stand up on Twitter?

  3. Ah found her. The REAL Britney!

  4. Ah, the daftness of hideously mangled phrases typed as I blog late into the evening, the hideous spelling errors (always have been crap at subbing my own stuff – that, along with personal pronouns are a real blind spot), waffling about butternut squash recipes after posting something vaguely intelligent. That kinda stuff…

    I’m quite excited about Britney hopping aboard the Twitter train – hopefully between her and Stephen Fry (and that’s several words I never thought I’d write in the same sentence) it’ll wake journalists and PRs up to the power of social media 🙂

  5. All good stuff by the sounds of it. Don’t go changing, as the song says.

    PS I love that Britney’s had a great dance rehearsal while S Fry is having a warm tonic water in deepest Africa while MC Hammer thinks he ‘can help people make it through these tough times’ because he’s ‘lived it’!

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