Google wants more copy editors – not less!

Why? Because its Googlebots aren’t able to do the job of traditional editors and are, in fact, at the mercy of misinformation published direct to Web by news companies in the rush to inform.

Incorrect tagging and unchecked facts have led to major problems, as reported on the editorsweblog following the World Editors Forum.

Despite the ongoing deletion of subs/copy editors from newsrooms, it turns out that Google’s reps at the WEF reckon editors and fact-checking are more important than ever.

It’s a thought backed up by Pete Clifton, senior BBC News exec, who supports journalist gate-keepers (aka editors?) for processing its UGC:

It’s gone through all the filters that our journalism would have gone through. It’s quite labour intensive. We’ve another arm of our newsgathering operation – it can ultimately add to the richness of what we do, but we shouldn’t take it lightly.

Because taking it lightly would compromise the brand’s trustworthiness as well as making it potentially legal liable.

Can’t help thinking that although subs are seen as an editable expense at the moment, those who find money in the budget for them will win in the long run, because, y’know, you like to know where to go to get the facts. Or am I deluding myself?

4 responses to “Google wants more copy editors – not less!

  1. Delusion: firmly holding a view despite being contradicted by reality. Or, as the OE helpfully adds: typically a symptom of a mental disorder.

    Just keep taking the tablets and you’ll be fine.

    Seriously though, this ‘brave new world’ where newspapers boldly go without subs hasn’t been really hit yet by any legal explosions in the libel field concerning the net.

    I suspect there’s a lot of fire fights going on at papers up and down the country because of poor or just plain wrong info appearing on the their websites. Only when the flames threaten to engulf will someone stand back, stroke their beard and wonder at the wisdom of current developments.

    As for being called ‘gatekeeper’, not to sure about that one. Sounds like you’re working as a serf at some lord’s manor.

    Then again ….

  2. If I was the head of the company whose shares sank as a result, I’d be suing – then again that’s only if they can prove it was a result of mistagging!

    PS I am taking tablets, topical creams, frozen peas and shiraz rosé.

    PPS Gatekeeper actually makes me think of The Keymaster in Ghostbusters.

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