Obama: 10 funny headlines…

…and captions, story links, blog posts, videos and animations on the man with the initials B.O.

  1. Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress (The Onion)
  2. Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job (The Onion)
  3. “All right, now what do I do?” (Uncyclopedia)
  4. Obama a Maria Carey fan (The Hindu)
  5. Bark Obama the speaking dog (who’s actually called Herpe, watch him woof Obama here!)
  6. Time To Take The White People’s Guns! (Wonkette; see the animation at Get Your War On)
  7. Obama Prays To Baby Jesus All The Time (Wonkette)
  8. Australia to invade US if Obama elected (Dead Brain)
  9. Black/Brown Prime Minister? (from the lovely Speak You’re Branes)
  10. Obama – f**kin legend (ok this so was my niece’s Facebook status, sue me.)

One response to “Obama: 10 funny headlines…

  1. There’s kind of a ring of truth to the first two. (By the way, thanks for checking out my list! I like how you did yours though, with links. I should have tried that with mine, but it probably would crash the system.)

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