New year, new online role?

Is your new role in the 21st century newsroom here?

It’s a breakdown of the personnel, roles and tasks in the 21st century newsroom – in the gospel according to Paul Bradshaw of the OJB.

Recognise what you’re doing – or perhaps what you might want to be doing? Check it out and add to the suggestions…

5 responses to “New year, new online role?

  1. Aggregator Sub? Is that the joining of two former posts: Aggressive Sub and Arrogant Sub?

    Personally I rather like the thought of being branded a MoJo.

    They used to call them ‘reporters’ once upon a time

  2. Hehe. I quite fancy the job of Data Miner – I’m seeing a helmet, lights, maybe a boiler suit but with an avatar that looks like Demi Moore in Disclosure.

  3. Now that’s not a helpful picture when I’m trying to concentrate on writing headlines here.

    I guess a Mojo, therefore, is going to look pretty hip really – colourful wooly hat, Matrix-style long leather coat and dark glasses whatever the weather.

  4. Oh let’s start a cartoon series… Alex Hughes, are you there?

  5. Hmm… sounds interesting. Might be a little side-project for the New Year.