Freelancing in the nude?


Nice tablecloth. Pic: Cronewynd/Flickr

Was bemused to listen to the awful Freelance National Anthem – but think the endline is wrong. Freelance writers have the the joy of working in pyjamas. Working ‘in the buff’ is just plain wrong. Or am I being naive?

What do you wear when working from home? And, less contentiously, what time do you get dressed?

Maybe the writer just couldn’t find a rhyme for pyjamas…

3 responses to “Freelancing in the nude?

  1. I agree with you. You have to wear something. I just don’t feel right being on a conference call with no pants on.

  2. You could always use one of your jazz guitars as a cover…

  3. Odgen Nash did! Wonder if he was working in the buff when he wrote this: