Storking the typo-makers

You can publish then edit all you like but, beware, the original may still be ‘out there’ – and there are people willing to spot it, tweet it, snap it, blog it and generally announce it to the world. Like this one from Tom Ackroyd who took a snapshot of a 3News headline typo tonight (since corrected) and uploaded it to Twitpic before tweeting me:

Too heavy for the stalk: newborn weighs in at 6.4kg

Beauty. It makes me think fondly of all those job adverts for sub-editors asking for the ‘ability to spot a literal at 50 paces’.

Even funnier is that the original 50-pace typo spotter uknzguy has pointed out that the error has been immortalised in the URL.

Note to self:  check my permalinks! Thank Buddha, there’s an edit function in WordPress for just this kind of cock-up.

4 responses to “Storking the typo-makers

  1. Shame you can’t edit hastily typed twitpic posts.

  2. Given that the baby is 6.4kg, presumably we need to embrace the Euro babblespeak for paces.

    As I understand it a pace is a unit of length representing the distance between two successive steps in walking with the modern version, a geometric pace, being based on the Roman pace measuring five English feet.

    Therefore subs now need to spot a literal at 76 metres


  3. Five English feet?

    Sure that’s a stride not a pace.

    So subs may only need to spot a literal at 32.7 strides.