Blogger’s style guide: Links are good!

Links are useful for the reader and vital for SEO – read my previous post on SEO for why that is – but they are also useful shortcuts for you as a writer.

For example….

Want to link to a quick explanation of what you are talking about so you don’t have to rehash it all yourself? Found something interesting elsewhere that you want to write about? Are you mentioning a previous post or a survey and need to source it?

Then use a hyperlink.

Linking is a way for readers to jump out of your post to context, explanation or source material. It adds value to your post and also saves you including reams of information or explanation.

Here’s how to link. Just highlight the words you want to turn into a link and then click the ‘chain tool’ or ‘add link’ button in your blog platform or CMS. A box will pop up for you to paste the link into. Make sure you include the ‘http://’ bit or the link won’t work.

If you are presenting work in a Word document, then underline the relevant words and paste the link just after them so whoever is uploading knows what should link. I’ve used an example in the blurb below.

[FYI: Last year I wrote a Blogger’s Style Guide to help people in the organisations I was working for start writing posts and publishing them on the company blog. Many had never written anything beyond an email before but they did know their subject far better than I, so they just needed a good briefing in style, tone, structure and so on. This is that starter kit for company bloggers, consisting of  10 mini-posts in all.]

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