Starter kit: how to blog for your company

Here are the quick links to my Blogger’s Style Guide. This is the ‘how-to’ that I give to my company bloggers when they start writing posts for their employer’s blog. It acts as a support document for those who know their subject well, but know little about blog writing or publishing in general.

The Blogger’s Style Guide

  1. How is blogging different?
  2. What readers like / ideas for your posts
  3. How to structure long posts
  4. Short or long?
  5. What does SEO mean for writers?
  6. Links are good!
  7. Five tips on tone
  8. Comments and feedback
  9. Writing a good title
  10. Don’t fall foul of your boss – or the law!

2 responses to “Starter kit: how to blog for your company

  1. Fiona,

    This whole series is very well done and an immense help to a new blogger. Thank you for developing it and organising it so well!

  2. Thank you very much, CJ!

    It was written by a new blogger a year ago (ie, me) so is basically a list of questions I was asking myself at the time.

    I may do another one called content strategy for beginners!

    Hmm, not a bad idea.