Nose abatement – not quite the new Wanky Balls

But still a rather lovely headline typo NOT spotted by the subs of the Birmingham Post and another indicator that inaccuracies can a story make (cf Wanky Balls). It’s getting comments so maybe it will stay. Spotted by Getgood.

Nose abatement headline

See, typos can be good.

4 responses to “Nose abatement – not quite the new Wanky Balls

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  2. So CF as doing nose reductions now? I’m in.

  3. Personally, I’d pay good money for a ‘puter that flashed up ‘are you SURE you meant to type pubic?’ message – I can’t think of any instance when I haven’t meant it to be ‘public’…

  4. Yes, I guess ‘public hair’ isn’t too common around these parts. ;D