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A few starter posts for new visitors

I’m on a list! Hello to anyone who has arrived here via’s 50 blogs by journalists, for journalists, which was published today. I’m on there at no 22, and happy to see online journo chums such as Jo Geary, Adam Tinworth and Paul Bradshaw also represented.

If you’re struggling for work and interested in making the digital transition from being a print sub, then you’ll find a fair few posts here on that. It’s the reason I started this blog.

If you’re already web editing or playing with multimedia tools for online storytelling then hop on over to my main site at, where my transition seems to have led me to becoming a brand journalist of sorts.

Meanwhile, here are five of the most popular reads from Subs’ Standards:

 Thanks for stopping by.

Starter kit: how to blog for your company

Here are the quick links to my Blogger’s Style Guide. This is the ‘how-to’ that I give to my company bloggers when they start writing posts for their employer’s blog. It acts as a support document for those who know their subject well, but know little about blog writing or publishing in general.

The Blogger’s Style Guide

  1. How is blogging different?
  2. What readers like / ideas for your posts
  3. How to structure long posts
  4. Short or long?
  5. What does SEO mean for writers?
  6. Links are good!
  7. Five tips on tone
  8. Comments and feedback
  9. Writing a good title
  10. Don’t fall foul of your boss – or the law!

Pick of the links (12 Feb-22 Sept 2009)

      Pick of the links (18 Nov-22 Jan 2009)

      Style guide wiki now up for online copy editors

      After calling for a universal style guide in a recent post, well, here it is:

      Style guide for online sub-editors 

      Thanks to for the set-up. It’s editable for your learning pleasure and is full of tips, links and explanations for print subs moving over to online. Would be great to hear the input and suggestions of subs and copy editors, or go to the wiki and add your tuppence worth there.

      There’s loads of things I haven’t covered, or haven’t covered enough. Please help and make this work-in-progress a useful resource.

      Freelancing in the nude?


      Nice tablecloth. Pic: Cronewynd/Flickr

      Was bemused to listen to the awful Freelance National Anthem – but think the endline is wrong. Freelance writers have the the joy of working in pyjamas. Working ‘in the buff’ is just plain wrong. Or am I being naive?

      What do you wear when working from home? And, less contentiously, what time do you get dressed?

      Maybe the writer just couldn’t find a rhyme for pyjamas…

      Let’s create a universal style guide for web subs

      Get your red pen out, or should that be grey mouse? The first steps towards a style guide for subs and copy editors working online are being taken by Martin Stabe, online editor at Retail Week. Huzzah!

      This follows The Times finally changing its style for Bombay to Mumbai. Because even though the city officially changed its name in 1995, the recent attacks have zoomed Mumbai up the Google search rankings, so much so that it has now become the preferred search term of UK users. It seems The Times is playing the SEO game – and rightly so.

      Martin says he’ll be posting a public Google Docs soon for subs to contribute to. But I wonder if a wiki might allow for a wider take on this, encompassing a central place to house preferred search terms across a multitude of topics. Think of all the online women’s sites, for example, that would like to know that ‘lose weight’ is the search term to write in over ‘diet’ (according to Google Trends).

      Anyone up for it?

      Also, since ‘fall’ scores higher than ‘autumn’ and ‘copy editors’ beats ‘subs’, should we also start brushing up on our American English?