Need a sub?

If you’ve suddenly realised after reading a few posts that you need someone to write, rewrite, tweak, style, copy fit, revise, proofread, caption, headline, fact check, legal check, oversee or otherwise manage your (online or print) communications, please feel free to get in touch at fionacullinan at hotmail dot com or via Twitter: @fionacullinan.

You can find out more about me via my main website but I also know lots of other experienced subs, writers and designers.

And if they’re not free, I’m a member of Subs UK, a London-based freelance subs group, and can post on their forum to see who might be available – it’s especially good for those last-minute or emergency bookings.

2 responses to “Need a sub?

  1. came across your Subs’ Standards, just by chance ,a few minutes back,while going through Mauritius in pictures @ TOURIST v/s TRAVELLER .find it very interesting,even if am not the person who will afford your services.i will need to go back often to your blog,am only a very new beginner in computers,and blogging,am no linguist either,nor journalist.will however appreciate any of your comments, if you feel its needed,about what i ‘ve been scribbling for some time at wordpress.its not say it bluntly:i need a FREE assessment from a pro like you.needless to say i have only about a year of experience at computers…practical experience !started with vista straight away,tried a stunt at blogger,but ended up choosing Hemingway at wordpress,…of all ,for some fun.

  2. Po8 – thanks for your nice comment. Hemingway looks a difficult theme – I couldn’t see your posts without clicking around to find them. If it helps, I read a book called Problogger – inspiration and teaching on how to blog. Good luck.