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My first live tweet session…

…can be found at twitter.com/Chamberlains. Irrationally I feel like a proud parent – despite all the spilling arrors.

My Oscars-style task was to announce the nominees and the winners of Birmingham Council’s Chamberlain Awards in real time, running around the hall to grab a few winners’ quotes and adding in a wraparound of what it all looked/sounded/smelled/etc like – well as much as 140 characters of Twitter would allow. Twitpics (no defamation – that’s the app!) allowed winners’ photos to be posted instantly.

The pluses: friends and family at home were able to get the news first hand, the press got real-time quotes and news, I had great fun.

The cons: has there yet been a live-blogged event in B’ham (or anywhere else for that matter) where wifi hasn’t gone down? There were 80+ tweets in the end but could have been a lot more if it wasn’t taking 5 mins a time to upload a single update. At one point I was three awards behind and trying to take notes while tweeting. I thank the Buddha no one asked any questions but used it as a newswire only – I had to skip the dessert course as it was.