A few starter posts for new visitors

I’m on a list! Hello to anyone who has arrived here via Journalism.co.uk’s 50 blogs by journalists, for journalists, which was published today. I’m on there at no 22, and happy to see online journo chums such as Jo Geary, Adam Tinworth and Paul Bradshaw also represented.

If you’re struggling for work and interested in making the digital transition from being a print sub, then you’ll find a fair few posts here on that. It’s the reason I started this blog.

If you’re already web editing or playing with multimedia tools for online storytelling then hop on over to my main site at fionacullinan.com, where my transition seems to have led me to becoming a brand journalist of sorts.

Meanwhile, here are five of the most popular reads from Subs’ Standards:

 Thanks for stopping by.


One response to “A few starter posts for new visitors

  1. e-mail oliviarosen

    Hi Fiona, hope all’s good and well done for being on the list! My blog is going well and it’s enjoyable to do. Latest post is: http://wp.me/p2twKj-cN I’ve just added your blog onto my ‘blogs I follow’.

    Work is thin on the ground, I’m trying to get more digital but not finding that easy either! Olivia

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