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Blogger’s style guide: Ideas for your posts

What readers like…

  • Original research and surveys
  • Benchmarks, quantative analysis
  • Relevant news not found anywhere else
  • Insight – leading-edge thinking, novel perspectives
  • Precis, time-saving summaries and reviews
  • Useful tools and checklists
  • Personal stories, first-hand accounts, experiences, lessons learned
  • Live reports from events
  • Short educational pieces
  • Relevant ‘Aha!’ graphics
  • Fun stuff – quizzes, self-evaluations, interactive content
  • Great photos and illustrations
  • Useful finds – resources, blogs, posts, graphics

(Source: The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil)

If you work for an organisation, there is your rich source of information on a subject, but think about tying this in with what is going on out there in the world outside. Read the news or subscribe to RSS feeds for blogs and websites that also cover your subject area – find out what they are talking about and think about joining in the conversation by posting about topical news and discussion.

Also think about timing. What big events are happening throughout the year that would be relevant to write about/around for readers – both generally and specifically. For example, if you were a family lawyer, get your help and advice posts on divorce issues written in December, ready for the ‘January Jilt’, and your prenuptial advice published ahead of February 14. If you’re an accountant, you’ll be thinking about Budget dates and Pre-Budget Reports.

[FYI: Last year I wrote a Blogger’s Style Guide to help people in the organisations I was working for start writing posts and publishing them on the company blog. Many had never written anything beyond an email before but they did know their subject far better than I, so they just needed a good briefing in style, tone, structure and so on. This is that starter kit for company bloggers, consisting of  10 mini-posts in all.]